Reset Your Body, Reset Your Life: The Journey Begins

You’re 116 lbs, why in the hell do you need to go on a cleanse? Don’t you know you’re already skinny enough as it is? People are going to think you are crazy!!! 21 days with NO coffee, alcohol, or dinners out? NO Valentine’s Day sweets? Yea, I’ll believe it when I see it!!

This are all the things that ran through my mind for over a YEAR!!! I had heard so many amazing things about this 3 week detox that my company promotes, but yet I had always been so skeptical to try it. I knew this cleanse was to help with weight loss and get the body back on track, but I had never really seen anyone go through who has NO weight to lose. This scared me. Not only did I have the thoughts mentioned above, but I wondered if I’d even be able to make it through the day. Would I get enough calories? Could I still coach gymnastics and work on the farm? I’m those two things keep me pretty active.

After a year of research, hearing success stories, and getting out of my own head, I remembered a quote I once read. “Great things never came from comfort zones.” For the last year and a half I’ve been living my life by this quote!! It has brought me great opportunities and good fortune, so after remembering this simple little thing, I finally said ‘why not?’ to this whole cleanse thing. What do I REALLY have to lose? If anything, this will be a learning experience for all of us!!

I ordered my program, that included my supplements for 21 days and an entire guide of food and meal plans to follow. When my kit came in the mail, I was quite surprised by how in depth the guide goes into explaining the detoxification process. Everything from why this cleanse helps the body, how it helps the body function, why you shouldn’t exercise while cleansing, things to promote the cleansing process, to the exact meals to eat every day including a grocery list for each week, snack ideas, recipes for each meal, and a separate eating plan for those always on the run. I was amazed at how easy this whole thing seemed. Read the directions. Do what the book says. Follow the program to a T. See fantastic results.

And so, this journey begins!! I slip on this natural fiber bracelet (that came with my kit) as a commitment to myself and my body’s health. THIS bracelet serves as a reminder, for the next 21 days, about the positive decision I’ve made to be the healthiest me! The decision to rid my body of the toxins, pollutants, and impurities my body has struggled to process for MANY years.


Stay tuned! I plan on documenting my ENTIRE journey!

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