Our Life in the Raw was created by Carmen DeVault, to inspire others to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Carmen has a long history of living a healthy lifestyle and has created this platform to share her knowledge with others.

Carmen started her fitness career at the age of 3 with gymnastics. After a nearly 10 year competitive gymnastics career, she migrated her way into a couple years of softball, a few years cheer-leading and dancing, 6 years of competitive diving, and 7 years of competitive track and field.

After complications with her birth control she was left at the heaviest point in her life along with hormone issues, anxiety issues, and low energy. Trying many things that didn’t work, she finally found a balance of nutrition and activity that brought her back to normal and solved all her problems.

Carmen is now a lifestyle health coaching ready to make changes in your life. Our Life in the Raw will give you the inside scoop on how to live a healthy lifestyle, like Carmen, and reach your health and fitness goals.

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