Yoga on a FREAKING Horse!!


In July of 2016, I met the most amazing woman named Niki. She was a fellow teammate and coach who I had connected with online, and finally got to meet face to face one hot summer day. She had such an electrifying energy and I was consumed by her. We talked for hours and hours about life, the universe, and our dreams. It was one of the most unforgettable meetings I’ve had with a person.

What intrigued me most about Niki was her ability to practice yoga on her horse. She is a woman of many talents, but this one seemed to pull me in. I HAD to try this! My love of nature, animals, and all things yoga had my heart stuck on one day finding a horse that would give me the pleasure of living out one of my dreams. Honestly, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this dream or when I would have the opportunity, but I told myself it was going to happen.

The Universe works in mysterious ways my friends. While all this was going on in my life, my friend Paul was embarking on a journey he had always dreamed of. He was transitioning into a farm management role and given an opportunity to expand. Paul invited me out to the farm, once he got settled, and we started discussing nutrition and meal plans. Over the course of the following week, I helped him not only with his health, but assisted with a few things here and there on the farm.

This interaction grew our friendship and with continuous visits on and off the clock, a decision was made to that I was needed part-time to help out. With daily visits to the farm, I was introduced to HORSES!! At first there was no thought of me EVER getting on one of these. The horses on this particular farm are yearlings, untrained, and full of personality. Whether they are being boarded, in quarantine, or starting their training, these are not the type of horses to just hop on and go.

One day, I arrived at the farm and I noticed a new horse. A beautiful reddish brown creature with beefy muscles and burrs in his mane. Curly was a 4 year old race horse who had an injury that knocked him out of the starting gates. He had been in a grazing field for a while before being transported to the farm, so we had a little bit of work to do with him.

Paul started training him in the round pin. This was an interesting process to watch. He had been doing this for years and worked up his own secret technique to breaking horses humanly. After a few days of training Paul came to the realization that Curly was going to be his work horse. He would be able to ride Curly around to check fences, feed, and water troughs reducing his consumption on diesel and reducing his carbon footprint.

A couple weeks later, and Curly was continuing to show tremendous improvement in his training. Paul had decided that Curly was ready. Ready for me to try yoga with him. I had once expressed my dream of trying yoga on a horse and had told him about my friend Niki who regularly practices on horseback. He was about to make that dream come true!

Not going to lie…I was SCARED!!!! Of course, I wasn’t going to say no to this opportunity, but I had NO experience or instructions on how to do yoga on horseback. I’m an Aries and super competitive, so I decided to just figure it out! HAHA. Luckily, I had ridden a horse once when I was like 7 or 8. And then once when I was a teenager. So, that pretty much made me an expert. :p

I mounted Curly and felt pretty comfortable in the saddle. Paul held Curly still with the lead rope and told me have at it. My heart started racing and my started sweating A LOT! I could start to feel my anxiety kick in, but then I remembered, you’re doing yoga dumbass. It’s supposed to be relaxing and calming. Realizing I was making a fuss over nothing, I started to connect with my breath.

Inhale, exhale. I swung my legs back and planted my feet on the saddle. Inhale, exhale. My heart beat starts to lower and I feel more connected to Curly than I ever have. He walks around a little and feel a little unstable, but Paul assures me he isn’t going anywhere. I plant my hands wide on the top of the saddle. Inhale, exhale. I start to move my toes to the top edge on the back of the saddle. Curly moves again and again, testing my trust in him and testing his trust in me.

Inhale, exhale. I place my knees on my triceps aiming my knee caps for my armpits. Pressing down on the backs of my arms, I start to lift one foot. I play with my balance a little shifting as needed from the sway of the horse. Engaging my core, I lift my other foot to meet the first. I get all of 3 seconds of hang time.

A feeling of relief and excitement rolls over me. In the moment of this amazing feat, I was speechless. I had so many emotions running through my brain that I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. I just did yoga on a freaking horse! Yoga on a freaking horse who isn’t full trained. Thank you!! Thank you!! Literally the only thing I can say.

After processing all that it took to cross this off my bucket list, I came to realize that I had this amazing dream with absolutely no idea of how I would accomplish it one day. One of the things I teach my clients, is about the Law of Attraction. The law of what you put out into the universe you shall receive in return. I personally practice this in my lifestyle and it has opened doors I never thought possible. Opportunities I never knew existed. I know that if I hadn’t put the dream of doing yoga on a horse out into the universe, that one summer night in July, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post today.

Ask and you shall receive. Receive and give thanks. Repeat. My formula for doing yoga on a horse.