Reset Your Body, Reset Your Life: Acne Attack


This is super hard for me to talk about because let’s be honest, I love putting on makeup and most people don’t see what’s underneath. I used to be ashamed of what I looked like. I never felt beautiful unless I had my ‘face’ on.
For years I struggled with acne. I thought it was just the whole teenage puberty thing, but when I never grew out of it, my self esteem dropped. I grew up with the impression that everyone had to be perfect. The perfect hair, the perfect skin, the perfect sense of fashion. I had NONE of that!!  I wanted soooo badly to fit in but I was the girl who tried way to hard to impress people. I wore makeup that I thought was great, but was made fun of for my lack of application skills. I was trying hard to cover up any imperfections! (and there were a lot!)

When I started taking birth control, in my late teens, it all my skin problems went away. I was thrilled! People actually started to comment on how good my skin looked. That just boosted my confidence and gave me the motivation to work more on fixing myself. Work more towards finding out who I was and how I could love myself. I mean let’s face it, I felt great knowing I looked better on the outside, but I was still missing self love on the inside.

Fast forward 8 years and my hormones start to get funky. I’m starting to have pre-menopausal symptoms and my acne was coming back. Not having the options of taking medication to treat my problems, I had to find another way to combat the problems. That’s when I realized the ONLY relief I could get was to change to a healthier lifestyle and ridding my body for toxins and impurities eating real whole foods. After a year of this new lifestyle, my face cleared up and I was back to the old me. But of course, I let myself fall back to old habits and my poor eating choices throughout the holidays brought back my breakouts.

THIS is why I’m cleansing. My body is holding on to so many toxins that it is clogging my pores and causing my breakouts. Detoxing the body can stop this completely and continued maintenance can prevent breakouts all together. I never thought I’d say this, but this is what healthy acne looks like. This cleanse is helping my skin, the body’s largest organ, eliminate impurities and toxins. This is a sign that my cleanse is still working and that I’m soon to be back to having healthy looking skin. Back to a balanced system. That’s the ultimate self love!
This picture was from the first week of my cleanse. My acne is getting better and I’m so excited to see the end results. Goodbye toxic cheats, hello glowing skin!!